Some cool Sun Ray news

For those not in the know, Sun Ray is a thin client technology provided by Sun, with no local disk storage and they are totally stateless.

These very smart, very low power consuming machines (4 watts!) or integrated monitors allow you to keep a session (Solaris, Windows, Linux) running on the server and access at each machine you insert your java card. 

This allows you to do some work, pull out your card, walk over to a colleagues desk or meeting room and insert your card and pull up the same session.

Now that the intro is done . . . Microsoft have embraced this technology at their Enterprise Engineering Center (EEC). More info here.

Now the other piece of cool news:  Sun Ray Soft Client is now available as part of the Sun Ray Software 5 Early Access program:

The Sun Ray Soft Client is a software
application that easily installs on common client operating systems and
provides the ability to connect to a Sun Ray server and initiate a Sun
Ray desktop session from a Windows laptop or desktop computer. The Sun Ray Soft Client also provides the flexibility to
‘hotdesk’ to and from your Sun Ray thin client and any supported Sun
Ray Soft Client enabled PC. Currently available for Windows only.

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