Improving StarOffice/OpenOffice Calc

As a definite power user of StarOffice there are times when the tool doesn’t really help, or actually makes it difficult to do your job.

Thankfully with an open extension framework other can submit ideas and create improvements for all.

A great example of this is DataPilot Tools for Calc.

Using DataPilot (similar to Pivot tables within Excel) in StarOffice can be a bit tiresome as it doesn’t tell you what the range is that feeds the DataPilot, so if you suddenly have more data or what to make sure all the data is included you can’t.

That’s where this handy extension comes in, it gets added as part of the DataPilot toolbar menu and tells you:

  • what the source data range is
  • can update the source data range
  • provides and option for refreshing all the DataPilots.

Great news, thanks Peter!

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