Solaris 10 Update 8

Hot on the heals of recent announcements comes the latest update to Solaris 10, Update 8 also know as 10/09:

Here’s some key new features:

  • Patching enhancements: Turbo Patching and Parallel Patching for Containers
  • New ZFS features: Quotas, Flash Archives and Cache devices
  • Support for disks over 1TB – this is limited to systems running 64 bit kernel
  • Software Updates: PostgreSQL 8.37, NTP 4.2.5, Samba 3.0.35
  • Numerous other system performance, driver and device enhancements.

Further information:


Download Solaris 10, U8

What’s now EOF (Software no longer supported) 

Gentlemen (and women) start your downloads 😉 

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