OpenOffice 3.2/StarOffice 9.2 around the corner

While it seems that in some respects the world has been standing still with the Oracle acquisition, there is lots of hard work being done by dedicated engineers inside and outside Sun Microsystems.

One more example is the soon to be released OpenOffice 3.2/ StarOffice 9.2 updates, this is both a feature and bug release with some of the key items that I’ve picked out are:

  • faster start up times
  • enhanced ODF 1.2 compliance
  • improved MS Office compatibility and support
  • over 750 bug fixes

For those of you who are really keen you can download the latest OpenOffice versions from Note: OpenOffice Release Candidate 4 is currently being tested and will be available shortly.

One of the regular items I’m asked is what is the difference between OpenOffice and StarOffice?

They both use the same code base (at the binary level) however StarOffice is Sun’s professional distribution of (OOo) and has the following added features and benefits:

  • Hot fixes, patches and updates (OOo is full installation).
  • Extensions and mail/calendar functionality comes with StarOffice
    Software, with you have to download each extension
  • Sun warranty and indemnification.
  • Committed timelines.
  • 3 free warranty support calls (in retail).
  • Customization, if business opportunity is big enough.

Check out to see if OpenOffice or StarOffice can help you today!

UPDATE: Thursday 5th Feb, RC 5 has just been released. Available from the same link.

UPDATE: Thursday 11th Feb, The final version has been released, with 776 bugs fixed.  You can download it from the main page.


3 responses

  1. What about access for registrated Users of StarOffice 6,7,8 and 9
    to get the Updates??
    Has somebody an idea??
    My account at sun worked fpr more as 5 years well and now?
    With the new owner customers are bull shitt!!
    I will be the last time I bought StarOffice !!!
    Regards J. Schweiger, Germany

  2. I know that the patches for StarOffice come out after the main release. If you search on Sunsolve you can see the latest patch set:
    (This list all patches available for all version of StarOffice and StarSuite)
    I’m not sure exactly what type of account you need to download them.
    Regards, Iain

  3. Meantime,i have just downloaded the OOo and will get back as soon as possible to comment on its effects.

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