change and excitement

The only thing constant is change1 (and death and taxes) and that quote seems very appropriate lately with Sun becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of Oracle.  But that is only the starter:

  • Oracle announced the Sun Strategy last week in a mammoth 5 hour presentation – of which you can grab highlights here.

I’ve only had a chance to review part of them but the one that most excites me is on Office Productivity centered around OpenOffice and StarOffice. The future OracleOffice suite will also include web and mobile versions, and integrate to EPM and content management, giving an integrated solution on Unix, Mac, Linux and Windows. All while embracing the ODF document standards.

I’m probably luckier than most Sun employees as I’ve seen the changes that occurred with the Hyperion acquistion into Oracle.  As a long time essbase and Hyperion user, I’ve  seen the transition, timetables and outputs that
occurred.  It was very gradual and there was much learning from both sides.

I’ve also seen how Microsoft Office focused the Hyperion product set has been, which hasn’t been easy working at Sun Microsystems and utilising UNIX. 

But one of the great things is that with an open platform such as OpenOffice anyone can develop extensions. Applied OLAP did just that and created an essbase plugin which mirrored the MSOffice equivalent.

Not only does this perform well, it’s actually a lot easier to install than the latest MSOffice version plugin from Oracle, which requires very large downloads and admin rights.  See here and here.

I’ve updated my blog design to reflect the new Oracle colours and will try to blog more about BI and EPM items, but also keeping an Oracle product focus.

As the Sun folks become more integrated with Oracle, there’s bound to be more change and learning along with it. I’m excited by it but also a little bit nervous.  We’ve all got a lot to learn.

1.From Heraclitus, "Nothing endures but change".

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