Oracle OpenWorld and Free Solaris training

Oracle OpenWorld is set for Sept 19-23 in San Francisco and will include a new stream on Server and Storage Systems, but wait JavaOne and Oracle Develop are also in the same week, it’s bound to be an event packed few days with lots to see, especially on the Server & Storage side:

  • How Oracle is building upon Sun’s enterprise innovation and system design expertise to deliver an open and secure systems architecture
  • How Sun server and storage portfolios combined with Sun Flash technologies and innovations in Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux can help customer organizations improve ROI
  • How server virtualization solutions for both Sun SPARC and Sun x86 architectures can help gain better efficiencies across their business and in the data center


Ever wondered if it was the right time to investigate Oracle Solaris?  Now you can learn for free, the Oracle Open Learning Center has free presentations to help you become a Solaris Associate or Solaris Administrator and covers many topics from OS introduction and internals to UFS and ZFS file systems and the always important backup & restore procedures.  Get learning today!

UPDATE: It does seem that the free Solaris training is a bit dated, but most of the material is still valid, especially the ZFS info.


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  1. I’m currently studying for the SCSA Part 1, using the paid Sun web/Flash-based course material. For something which is rather expensive (a few thousand NZD), I’ve been amazed at the number of typos and just plain wrong examples in it – I am talking dozens of instances; text formatting errors, examples on the CLI which would not work using the real thing, text which breaks off the page in mid paragraph – etc etc.

    It’s something which anyone could easily fix given a proofread or two through the material.

    I’ve been so surprised at this I’ve recorded the specific examples with screengrabs – who would be the point of contact at Oracle who could look at this?

    1. Hi Dave,
      From a quick look it seems that the course hasn’t been updated since around Solaris 10 update 3 and it certainly has items that don’t apply to OpenSolaris (patching and history commands are two I can see).

      The best contact would probably be someone within the Oracle University, here’s a link to the contact page:

      Cheers, Iain

  2. Great, thanks Iain.

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