UK OUG Hyperion Conference Day 1

Here are a few highlights from Day 1 of the UK OUG Hyperion conference, more to follow:

Frank Buytendijk from Oracle: Gave the first keynote address reviewing his business thinking over the past 20 years – which has gone from a focus on IT looking at the architecture as a key business driver to being pulled into the business, focusing on EPM, then realising that IT architecture is key to EPM.

Frank then gave the audience an overview on Hegel’s thesis/synthesis model and comparing this to the changing business environment, where one idea/thesis seems prevalent, which then gets rejected (antithesis) only for a combination of the two ideas to become the new norm or thesis . . . and so on and so on.

Frank continued on the teaching theme to inform the audience that the current focus on ROI and NPV focus on risks as costs or reductions to the calculations, whereas the options based approach can see the management of risk as an investment.

He showed that a simplistic reliance on NPV and ROI ignored future change and development to the IT lifecycle which runs at around 8 years.

He was probably preaching to the converted as the audience was a split of IT and Finance folks, maybe there should have been more execs present to learn the new truth.

Other highlights for me from the day were Edward Roske, Oracle ACE and inteRel CEO on the features and functionality of Smart Space and Len Vitello from greenEPM (along with Edward again) who gave an overview into sustainability and green EPM/reporting and how rather than a cost can be a differentiator for organisations and a much larger value add.

Rich Clayton also gave a useful overview on Oracle perception on EPM and what the future looked like.

I’m looking forward to tomorrows sessions 😉

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