UK OUG Hyperion Conference Day 2

Some highlights from Day 2 of the UK OUG Hyperion conference:

Customer presentation from Tesco, which reviewed their recent 18 month project to refresh their reporting processes and systems from being UK centric to being global:  very interesting to see the implementation issues and significant benefits from the go live since March 2010.

I then chaired a session which reviewed the insurance industry and approaches to Solvency II present by Symon Dawson from PWC.  While this is a new area for me, it was interesting to understand the trade offs and project timelines managing the impending go live in Oct 2012 and the various uncertainties involved.  It seems while most Hyperion implementations have involved finance and management reporting, very little has expanded to the risk and insurance sectors of business.

My two sessions on Financial Reporting Studio and Reporting Visualisation were well received and I had some good feedback for both.  What came out of the sessions was that most customers were on system 9 or 9.3.1 and wanting to understand the benefits and key features of new releases.

I really enjoyed the visualisation presentation as many attendees were able to understand the key concepts and ways that users interpret and process visual information.  Hopefully I’ve given the folks that attended an appreciation for simplicity and for focusing on the value add that reporting designers and architects can have for analysts – so they spend time analysing and not creating or understanding data.

The last session of the day was also very interesting – an essbase round table discussion where users were able to talk about key issues for them and share ideas and learn from each other.  I think this is a key feature we can use more in future events as people engage more with the content and learn and share.

Thanks to my fellow Hyperion SIG committee members for their time effort and dedication over that past 3 months in helping plan and select content for the event.

Another thanks to the UK OUG staff for organising everything, Twickenham Stadium is really a great place to be and the service and food were fantastic.

And finally thanks to all the sponsors, attendees, presenters, contributors and everyone who participated by asking questions and sharing knowledge.  You all helped create a great event.  Thanks and see you all next time.

For all those folks who want to learn more and get involved in the wider community Edward Roske has set up a Linkedin group for Oracle Essbase and there are the wonderful Oracle Forums, which provides a worldwide forum for questions and answers provided by a wide user base.

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