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another solaris bus, i mean podcast

Once again Dan, Bill and Chris have been working overtime and have produced another podcast this time focusing on yesterdays release of:

They cover all three products highlighting some of the commitments and major improvements on integrating components which provide developer and users with improved value:

  • improvements to Solaris Containers, enabling workloads to be consolidated and migrated from physical systems to virtual containers, ZFS improvements
  • improved application performance for OBIEE, PeopleSoft, MySQL Cluster, enhanced integration with WebLogic and Siebel and enhanced support for InfiniBand and Sun 7000 series storage

John Fowler also gives a high level overview.

Check out the video or podcast for full details and download the software, here, here and here – it’s now available under a new OTN license for development and evaluation.

More information available from the following (thanks guys):

ZFS Triple Parity Raid: video by George Wilson

Solaris Studio 12.2: blog by Darryl Gove

Developer Licensing changes: blog by Joerg Moellenkamp

Solaris 10, Update 9/10: feature and benefits (pdf)

Solaris Technical Articles: lots, take your pick!