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community spirit

One of the things that attracted me to Sun Microsystems was the community culture:

Here are some of the words that I would use to describe how Sun did this:

open, participation, sharing, community structures, trusting, giving, investment, reusing, reducing

I’m glad to see that Oracle has a similarly minded effort to allow employees to participate in events to help their communities.  Last week I participated in the UK Earth Day Project at the Swan Lifeline Rehabilitation Centre in Eton, near Windsor castle.

The day involved cleaning and repainting the sheds, buildings and fences so the centre is ready for the upcoming season.  It means that the volunteers at the Swan centre can go about the business of helping the many sick and injured birds that arrive at the centre, without having their attention diverted to  worry about the buildings and sheds that are housing the swans.

It was a great effort by all involved from many areas of the Oracle business from Finance to Customer Services to Purchasing to Service Delivery.  It just goes to show what 32 volunteers with 25 litres of paint fuelled by a large tea urn can achieve.  Thanks to all for the help and enthusiasm.