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Sun Java Communications Suite 7 released

Sun last week announced the release of the latest version of the Sun Java Communications Suite (what a mouthful), it’s now version 7!

So what are the key products and features?

  • Calendar Server 7, with CalDAV support, enabling interoperability with Mac iCal/iPhone and Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Sun Convergence 1 U3,  provides an AJAX rich client web experience for all the components.
  • Indexing and Search Service 1, provides real time indexing and search of messaging and attachments.
  • Instant Messaging 8, supporting standards compliant IM for fixed and mobile users.
  • Messaging Server 7 U3, the latest highly scalable, secure and high performing messaging platform.


  1. Do you have over 1,000 users of communications/collaboration software?
  2. Is your Communications/Collaboration solution critical to the success of your business?
  3. What is the total cost of ownership of your current communications/collaboration implementation? Or, how much are you spending per month to keep this solution up and running?
  4. Are you locked into a single vendor’s proprietary communications solution or do you have choice through open standards?
  5. Are you worried about your implementation’s susceptibility to viruses, worms, and spam?

What to learn more and see some demos?

Here is the main Sun Java Communications Suite page http://www.sun.com/comms