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extending Sun Ray reach

Sun Ray technology is one I have always been a fan of and with the latest release of software (both server and client) there’s good news.

Sun Ray Software 5 improves on the previous version by adding Oracle Enterprise Linux as a platform (along with the existing Solaris, Windows, SLES and RHEL).

It also adds support for upstream audio, smart card support for Oracle Virtual Desktop Clients and allows Sun Ray Clients to be used as a client with the VMware View 4 virtual desktop infrastructure product.

The new Oracle Virtual Desktop Client software now has a Mac version and has been updated to support hotdesking and enhanced Windows multimedia applications.

Oracle Virtual Desktop Client Mac screenshot

Launching the client is easy, just enter the server name and away you go. Note, if you’re on a slow connection you may need to enable compression (under the network tab).

More info is available on the Think Thin blog.

If you’ve never seen a Sun Ray, check out the recent Oracle TechCast recording, there’s also other TechCasts on Oracle Solaris Virtualization and Desktop to Datacenter Virtualization.

So if you’re interested in saving energy (at 4 to 15 watts depending on model) and never having to worry about the PC refresh and upgrade cycles then check out Sun Ray technology today.

If this gets you excited then mark your calendars for the following event: on August 19th from 9 AM until 3 PM, Oracle will be hosting an Online Virtualization Forum that covers our v12n technology from the Desktop to the Datacenter.  The panel consists of former Sun hardware guru and now Oracle’s Executive Vice President of Systems John Fowler and Oracle’s Chief Corporate Architect Edward Screven.