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chartjunk – oracle helping reduce the urge to clutter

When Tufte defined ‘chartjunk’ back in 1983, he probably didn’t realize how easy computers and software would make it for people to add the “… graphic paraphernalia routinely added to every display that passes by: over-busy grid lines and excess ticks, redundant representations of the simplest data, the debris of computer plotting, and many of the devices generating design variation.”

Consider the above Hyperion Analyzer sales graphic, did you notice the important figures, or was your focus diverted by the colored circles and bright colors?

It’s very difficult to indeed see that the south and central regions aren’t performing as well as the east and west – although both still over budget.

Nor can you easily compare the colors on the maps for east in blue, with the chart for east in purple.

In fact if you measure the screen it seems that the actual data (and I’ll be generous here and include the map) is less than 40% (or 15% without).

While Hyperion and Oracle have previously been enablers in adding headers, panels and other junk it’s refreshing to see the latest version of OBIEE present a cleaner surface – which users can still mess up, but it’s more difficult 😉

Here’s a sample dashboard from OBIEE, notice how the headers and panes take up less room, enabling the designer to cram six sections onto the space. While it’s a step in the right direction, it’s still up to report designers and system architects to present data that is clear and enables the user to quickly see the important data and trends – so they can take action.


Have your say on how you use Business Intelligence tools

  Ever thought that it would be nice once in a while that you could actually reach out to the folks that make products to really tell them how you use their products?

Well, the Oracle Business Intelligence User Experience (BIUX) Team are doing just that, wanting to know what and how you use various Business Intelligence to do reporting. They ask several questions about what you use and how you use it and also cover the topic of mobile reporting.

OBIEE released earlier this month introduced support for iPhone and iPad, if you didn’t know.

Click this link to have your say.

It’s listed as being able to complete in 10 minutes, although you should be able to do it in 5, I reckon 😉

The survey remains open until May 31, 2011. So get cracking.