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sunny little clouds

A lot has been happening recently with little spare time so here’s some catch up items:

Sun announced last month that it has beta testing (internally) a cloud option within Sun.  So what’s the Cloud appeal?  2 items really:

1. Allowing faster implementation – once cloud infrastructure and applications are in place, connecting or adding new services is much faster.

2. Reduces the infrastructure companies need to have on-site, reducing complexity and costs (hopefully).

So how does this pan out for normal workers?  An example is utilising an extension for StarOffice/OpenOffice. It’s very easy:

1. Install the extension for StarOffice:

2. Log in to the cloud, with ID and password.

3. Save and Open from the menu as you do normally:

It means I now have an online archive where I can access files from anywhere (so long as I setup and remember the cloud details) and no need to email them to myself or anything like that, or making sure I know what the latest version is.