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good design is simple, bad design shows chairs

When presenting reporting designs to clients it’s important to focus on the clarify and impact of the reports or charts.  There are many examples of excessive decoration or chrome and others also seek simplicity.

While some clients have requests for fancy dashboards – flashing colors, traffic lights or other ‘sexy’ paraphernalia, I can most often turn them down by focusing on the reader and how their understanding is helped by clarity with a focus on letting the numbers or data points tell the story.

I’ve had some spare time lately, so put it to use with some Oracle presentations – the last one was on Weblogic. Given that Weblogic is now an integral part of the Hyperion stack in 11.1.2, it made sense to review the new member of the family.

The Virtual Developer Day, was a mocked up conference room and auditorium with carpet and chairs, which navigating to the topics was easy enough it was all a wrapper for youtube content. Which, while it looked impressive (kind of), it didn’t help with delivering the messages* – there were many comments on the chats about what items to click on and where the actual content was.

Here’s a couple of screenshots of the main auditorium and conference rooms – for me this was overkill, developers don’t care as much about presentation they care about the details and information.

Before you go ahead and add decoration to reports, please think again and ask yourself if it adds any value or is just distracting.  Hopefully together we can make the world a cleaner and more beautiful planet 😉

* Don’t get me started on the presentations – they were fairly dull and the quality was poor – monotone presenters who didn’t seem to have read or rehearsed the material before it was recorded.  And I’m not really any wiser about Weblogic.